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Runnin' Free Organic Farm

Thank you for your Support over the years, If I find a new place to farm I will update here and on Facebook.

Growing, protecting, and harvesting organic produce requires advanced knowledge of agricultural elements. With passion and commitment we strive to bring you the best and freshest local certified organic products.


With our 14+ years of Certified Organic farming we have gone through many changes but still continue to provide our communities with amazing products.


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About Us

Certified Organic Farm Est. 2000

Runnin' Free Farm transitioned to Certified Organic in 2000

USDA-NJ Certified Organic. Farmer John went to Sterling College in Craftsbury, Vermont to study sustainable agriculture. After his time there he returned to his family farm to keep his farming dream going. He transitioned it over to certified organic and began to raise poultry and grow produce. The farm has been through many transitions but continues to produce some of the best certified organic products around.



Our goal is to minimize environmental impact while

sustainably farming our land to provide our communities with safe clean foods. Protect wildlife habitat and encourage a harmonious relationship with nature.



Produce Sales

We have great relationships with local businesses. We sell wholesale to many local establishments and hope to get back into local farmers markets,



About Runnin' Free Organic Farm

Providing you with the freshest local Certified Organic Produce.